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my new blog ;


ok im closing this thing, happy now? yeah, i talk crap most of the time in this blog. like gosh, *yawn lame lame lame. so anyway hey! dont worry ive got a new blog mannn :P go here ; <<-- follow my blog *ugh, i know by the name of my blog you could guess that i will talk crap again in there. oh well :/ gtg, toodles !

what the fish my life

it hv been soooo damn long i havent update this thing. yeah, like really really loongg. it was a pretty busy weeks, its not like i dont want to update stuff in this blog anymore, its just that i didnt have time at all nak spent masa doin this stuff. actually i suppose to be doing my tonnes of sch hw, yeah you have d e f i n i t e l y and absolutely no idea of how much my hw is. okey let me tell you, ive got like every subj, including th none important subj such as the science comp thingy, the psv, sivik i think ada, and pjk. yeah, alots huh? bt wait, dalam satu subj tu dia di pecah kan ke beberapa lagi kerja. so for bio ive got two things to do or maybe three gahh i couldnt remember, and blah blah it goes on and on fr the other subj. and then next next week, ive got this big exam goin on, the sem1 exam. and and ive got to finish ALLLLLL my school works by the end of next week. because those stuff will be countg in the test too. gah, shit!

ok and then, i got so many in big trouble when im in the boarding sch. my name is so damn popular, jst because of my attitude. oh, dont get me wrong, im still a nice girl. but seriously when im in that sch, i kinda felt like as if there's this bad lucks goin on. yea, i know shouldnt believe with the luck thingy. but its true lah kut, a lots of things change, and god idk if anything is perfect in my life. my friends ; is so damn genius! the seniors ; man, some of them is so damn annoyed me! and the hw ; is SO freaking lame- L A M E ! why are all this stuff torturing me? gah, i have no idea either

so anyway theres soooo many new stories ive got to tell you,
oke let me tell you satu per satu ;

first thing is that i enter the press thingy in my school. and yeh smlm kut, i kene interview. theres this one guy who kinda look like AK. yeah, like what the fish. but dont worry i dont like him, none of the guy intrest me ;D oh yeah, tak percaya suda. and then theres this kak zahiyah and blah blah. it goes on. i was hoping for kak zahiyah yang interview me, but it ends up with me kene interview with that guy, and his other friends. and then idk why gila geram, dia kasi ceramah kat aku, oh ngeng .. it went on and on.

man, tak jadi lah cite pasal ni, memalukan kut. the end fr now, smbg yang lain pulak :D

anyway yang haritu pulang bermalam, guess what! i tertinggal flight, well act it wasnt my fault tertinggal flight. my dad yang terbeli flight pkl 3 pm. and gila cuak do, i thought that guy saje je nak main2, tengok2 betol. and yeah, you have definitely no idea how my face look like waktu tu, haha. luckily theres someone yang cancel flight dorg, and tadaaaa i can go home

ahah, tah hape2 je cerita
anyway i gtg dah, theres so many more stories i havent told you. gah, klw cerita pun tak kan habis, anyway more more later

** er, sry terlalu banyak spelling and grammar mistakes :D yeah, i admit it here i wasnt good with writing and stuff. and i wasnt good in anything either ;/

blah blah

i miss home :( and i miss my family and friends too,
anyway see you guys soon on juneeeeeeeeeee !



well you see, mrsm is very torturing place for the teenagers. its like there's no way out when you in there. what you do is study and study and study. isnt that stinks?

uhh, definitely! so, i reallyyy cant wait for this two years to end. like duh! i want it to end, and never come back. i want my life to be fast, cs boarding school is just the same as JAIL, but its only for teenagers je. and its worster, since you couldnt do anything. so anyway over there we arent allow to talk to guys, and seriously! we need to wear socks every seconds and blah blah. like wtf? gosh, ok ok sabar fatin sabarrrrrr. ahah, they will think you bad if you break the rules! and there's this one time when i talked to a guy yeah ala budak stu sch je grr, and i can see there were a few eyes staring at me. like gah wthell? im just talking about th transport to go home ah wey, isnt that weird? dorg takde kebebasan langsung :/ oh well, nama pun asrama.

so yeah, its sunday dah! haiyaa, lets see how many more days to go till im goin back to the school of hell. erm, err OMG five more days weyh! aih, gila cepat? arg noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

wtv ah, goodbye. gotta do my hw,

bee tee ashh ooo,

so here i am, home again

yep, life in boarding life wasnt that bad. well if you cross the school part, ill say it was good. yes just good ok, not super-duper goooooood! ngahah, so anyway its march hols. me and my friends been counting this hols for ages! ahaha every morning bila otw to mrning call je, we were like ' HEY HEY! 1 MORE DAY! 1 MORE DAYYYYYYY! ' yeah, you guess it right, 1 more day till we goooo home. ahah, besides that we even checked our calender every secs or maybe it was just me checking the calender every second. haha, wtv dorg checkd jugak! bt everyday,

SO YAYY BABEHHH, IM HOME AND IM AT THE FRONT OF MY COMPUTER. its like heaven wehh :P or mayb a lil like hell, wtv

so, ive got TONES of school hw to do. luckily i didnt have hw for evry subj some i already done it dekat sch lagi. bt shh, i ada copy org lain pny. alah, asal kan siap right? and then ive got to study, and get ready for the presentations! urgh, 3 presentations to do after this hols. and yeah we also got to give speech infront of the school, hopefully they will forget about me. please please pleaseeee. grr,

and nati on this april, we have test! gahhhhhhh, takut gila babeng weh, dia akan kira for semester one punya exam. dah lah quiz i did badly. ARGH, IM GOIN DOWN WEH. shit. so anyway dorg sume genius, if i said they were genius i really really mean it. and to tell you the truth, i wasnt genius at all. its true ok, my head always blank bila dalam kelas. and usually i only can understand sikit je. argh argh argh, whats wrong with my head weh?

ok thats it for today, gotta siapkan hw. and then ill be off to bed, yippeeeeee! my bed my beddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd :D

school stinks

so this week, as usual very tiring. so many things to worry about, and so many things gotta be done. taek isnt it? yeah, totally! mcm tah hape2 je hidup, seriously i want to be a baby again! turn back the time pleaseeeee

so today i woke up late, since it was friday! phh, seriously i hate cuti on friday, yela nanti on sunday kene pegi sch dahhh! i still couldnt get used to it weh, phh. so lepas tu kene pegi surau, ahahah LDP jerit2 and we all kene marah. phh, lantak aku lah nak buat apa. and then in the afternoon, we all sorok dekat dlm toilet since all of us kene pg surau again ada ceramah kut? ahahah, baek gila kitorang :D

anyway ive got tones of sch works to be done, and yeah two presentations too! seriously i was hoping it wasnt my turn to present the bm pny presentation. gila takut! cikgu dia garang, and btw guess what i get for my math quiz?! ahaha tak payah tau lah, nanti korg mesti terkejut beruk! it was bad seriously, ahah if math pun boleh dapat teruk .. mcm mana yang lain? phh, anyway thats it for today i guess, see youuu guys on march

p/s ; 12 more daysss lagi! woohoo, lama gila gahh