bee tee ashh ooo,

so here i am, home again

yep, life in boarding life wasnt that bad. well if you cross the school part, ill say it was good. yes just good ok, not super-duper goooooood! ngahah, so anyway its march hols. me and my friends been counting this hols for ages! ahaha every morning bila otw to mrning call je, we were like ' HEY HEY! 1 MORE DAY! 1 MORE DAYYYYYYY! ' yeah, you guess it right, 1 more day till we goooo home. ahah, besides that we even checked our calender every secs or maybe it was just me checking the calender every second. haha, wtv dorg checkd jugak! bt everyday,

SO YAYY BABEHHH, IM HOME AND IM AT THE FRONT OF MY COMPUTER. its like heaven wehh :P or mayb a lil like hell, wtv

so, ive got TONES of school hw to do. luckily i didnt have hw for evry subj some i already done it dekat sch lagi. bt shh, i ada copy org lain pny. alah, asal kan siap right? and then ive got to study, and get ready for the presentations! urgh, 3 presentations to do after this hols. and yeah we also got to give speech infront of the school, hopefully they will forget about me. please please pleaseeee. grr,

and nati on this april, we have test! gahhhhhhh, takut gila babeng weh, dia akan kira for semester one punya exam. dah lah quiz i did badly. ARGH, IM GOIN DOWN WEH. shit. so anyway dorg sume genius, if i said they were genius i really really mean it. and to tell you the truth, i wasnt genius at all. its true ok, my head always blank bila dalam kelas. and usually i only can understand sikit je. argh argh argh, whats wrong with my head weh?

ok thats it for today, gotta siapkan hw. and then ill be off to bed, yippeeeeee! my bed my beddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd :D


Zaf said...

ahah lawak laaaah awk
laaah i did badly in my first test too. i think i failed physics, obvs and also add maths. aiyaaa! cnt wait to see ya

Fatin Liyana said...

heh, no lahh you'r not gonna fail. yeah cant wait to see ya too babe :) mwah mwah, xo