well you see, mrsm is very torturing place for the teenagers. its like there's no way out when you in there. what you do is study and study and study. isnt that stinks?

uhh, definitely! so, i reallyyy cant wait for this two years to end. like duh! i want it to end, and never come back. i want my life to be fast, cs boarding school is just the same as JAIL, but its only for teenagers je. and its worster, since you couldnt do anything. so anyway over there we arent allow to talk to guys, and seriously! we need to wear socks every seconds and blah blah. like wtf? gosh, ok ok sabar fatin sabarrrrrr. ahah, they will think you bad if you break the rules! and there's this one time when i talked to a guy yeah ala budak stu sch je grr, and i can see there were a few eyes staring at me. like gah wthell? im just talking about th transport to go home ah wey, isnt that weird? dorg takde kebebasan langsung :/ oh well, nama pun asrama.

so yeah, its sunday dah! haiyaa, lets see how many more days to go till im goin back to the school of hell. erm, err OMG five more days weyh! aih, gila cepat? arg noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

wtv ah, goodbye. gotta do my hw,


Aqilah said...

Haha same ah dekat sini. I mean kt teknik. Senior laki jangan harap ah nk tego. Haritu bercakap dgn Adib and Hizri pon org pandang semcam doh. Haha :D

Aqilah :) said...

THAT bad? u cant talk to guys? where's the fun in there? haha. ish teruknya.